Castelsardo | Sardegna

The medieval village of Castelsardo provides a breathtaking backdrop and the Doria Castle displays its majestic beauty.
The large windows afford stunning sea views while the open-air terraces provide a feast for the eyes.
From the terraces you can admire the medieval borgo of Castelsardo, the Gulf of Asinara and the sinuous valleys that surround the resort.
The sea shines silver and gold, the sail boats float in the distance, pushed forward by the light breeze. Comfortable sunloungers and chaise lounges are on hand to allow you to be pampered by the soft rays of the sun.
Point of interest:
Castello dei Doria | Open all days from 09,30 am to 1,00 pm and from 3,00 pm to  5,30 pm
Museo dell’intreccio del Mediterraneo
Museo Diocesano d’Arte Sacra ”Maestro di Castelsardo”
Palazzo Episcopale
Antico Seminario
Domus de Janas La Roccia dell’Elefante
Nuraghe Paddaggiu
Muraglia megalitica preistorica di Monte Ossoni.